((OOC: I sure hope the roleplay group will be alright. It has so much potential! It’d be a real pity if they closed it. That’ll be one less thing that my friends and I have in common. It doesn’t seem like they’d find a roleplay to suit their time any time soon, I hope they stay. :c ))

Talk sprite. Oh if only I knew how to animate. 
New design~

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One quick generic question as an introduction: What name does your character go by most often?

 She goes by her own name; Betony. 

Which is more common for your character: giving or receiving help?


In crowds, does your character tend to gain energy or expend energy?


What’s your character’s IQ?

 Not sure… She’s pretty smart though, but not a genius. 

Which of the seven deadly sins is most prevalent in your character’s personality? (Lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, or pride?)


Conversely, which of the seven holy virtues most applies to your character? ([Listed as opposites to above] Chastity, temperance, charity, diligence, patience, kindness, or humility?)

 Probably patience. 

How does your character see himself—is he down on himself, content, or a braggart?

 She’s content. 

How does your character perceive his surroundings? What’s the first thing he notices when he walks into an unfamiliar room?

 She always loks at the people first. If no people, then traces that might say there were people or not. 

The eternal question: neatness or organized chaos?


How much time/thought does your character invest in his personal appearance (this includes posture, mental preparation for a specific event or meeting, etc.)?

 About thirty minutes a day, i suppose. 

Does your character believe in the afterlife? If so, what does he see as qualifications to move on to a peaceful afterlife/the extent of sin to have a less than peaceful afterlife? If not, why doesn’t he like the idea of an afterlife, peaceful or otherwise?

 No, she doesn’t. 

About how much patience does your character have for mundane yet important tasks? If he is interested in an activity, how long will it take for him to tire of it?

 Hm… She’s usually very patient with things. I’d say about an hour. 

In closing, what does your character’s name mean?

Some kind of mint plant. 

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This is my Royalty Quest outfit. Nothing too fancy.
Currently displayed side pic in full view. Sketchiness~

((So I got into Homestuck. Now I envision the Factory’s snatchers to be somewhat like those imps in Homestuck. And i’m starting to think in the style of second person, long winded descriptions. Dear God.))

I’m wondering if I should just recycle my Fright Night outfit??? I guess that wouldn’t be too good. Must make a new outfit within this week’s time limit. 

Do you prefer Kanan, Mason, Dameian, Kali, Adolphus, Theo, D. Mint, or Jackal?

Oh god, when was this from??

I don’t prefer any of them, thank you very much! I hardly know anyone. >.<


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by now you should have an idea of my pattern.

I mostly reblog beds, fashion, mint colored items, and tic tac pictures. Just a head’s up. XD